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Bait and Switch - Switch to New Verizon Plan


On Friday, I decided to check and see about changing my plan over to the new Verizon Plan so I logged into my account online.  Upon loggin in I was greeted with a couple of notification messages about some promotions going on regarding a possible switch to the new plan.  One was a bonus data promotion (2GB per line) and the other was about "double data" with a 12GB plan.

Anyway, after clicking on the link to manage my plan I was presented with a screen that had an "ad" link that looked like this:


When I clicked on "Switch now" it took me to a screen to select options and then switch to the new plan.  The problem was that none of the options matched the link image.  There was an option for 8GB for $70 or 12GB for $80.  There was no mention of the 2GB data either.  I contacted customer support and they saw the same image but had no explanation.  Within an hour of that contact I logged into my account again to check on things and much to my surprise the "ad" had changed.  Now it looks like this:


Clearly it has changed, likely due to my conversation with support.  Now, customer support was supposed to get back to me but as of yet, I have heard nothing and this complaint was logged on Friday.  Anyway, this appears, to me, to be classic bait and switch.  If I had committed to switching the plan on Friday without verifying things first I would have been screwed because you can't go back once you switch.  The language in the graphic even changed because, unless I did get what it was advertising, it wouldn't be true.  This is a crummy sales tactic employed to get customers to switch to the new plan and I'm not at all happy about not being contacted regarding this issue.

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Re: Bait and Switch - Switch to New Verizon Plan

Verizon Employee

We would never do you wrong and offer you something that isn't valid biff420. I'm sorry the promotion was not available for you upon changing your plan online. I would also like to apologize for the lack of follow up. Promotions are subject to change every day. The promotion you received may have been valid and the day you viewed it the promotion may have changed. You may also have a loyalty feature on your account that provides you with options based on your current plan and equipment. We can take a look for you and review all available promotions on your account. I am sending you a private message to gather some additional information. You can also reach us via chat, phone call, or social media.


VZW Support

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