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Bad service


My phone stopped working after a update. I did ever thing they told me no good. That was the end of their help. I or any of my family will be using verizon again. I have 6 in my house and may family member that are switching and I will keep spreading the word. I know I can get at least 20 people to leave them place I'm spreading the word to all. I with post blog and anything else to get my story out there. This is the worst service I have ever had. I would never sign a contract with them again. If you think you've been done wrong by verizon drop you name let them know. There are more phone company just as good they have finely caught up.    


Re: Bad service

Sr. Member

Updates are put out by the manufacturer before the carrier pushes them out. If you lost your phone to an update, that's not on Verizon. That's on the manufacturer of your phone which means switching carriers will do nothing to prevent the issue from happening again.