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SHAME ON VERIZON AND THEIR UNPROFESSIONAL CUSTSOMER BAITING SCAM!!! I will show up here everyday to complain!!! I switched service on Black Friday weekend because of the BYOD250 promo that I am being scammed out of by Verizon. I have screenshots of every prompted screen during the process and no where did it say you had to keep your same number; or even an asterisk telling you to look elsewhere. Just a quick google search will show you how many unhappy customers they have! I will be changing providers if this isnt resolved in my favor like I was falsely promised! 

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Re: BYOD250


No one from Verizon has yet to reach out to me. I still have all the screen shots. I will not let this go Verizon. Shame on you!!!Screenshot_20200104-120532_Samsung Internet.jpg


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