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After 3 months of calling Verizon to verify that my promotion that I had through Amazon Prime (1/2 off new line and BOGO for LG G7) I was told today that I was denied the BOGO offer. I talked with 5 different agents that promised that the offers would work, to just keep waiting. Now I am told that because I switched the phone number of the new line, though I did not cancel the line or make any other changes, I invalidated the promotion off the BOGO for the existing line. I do still have the 1/2 off the new line (the same on that I changed the number). I was never told that this would happen and no one called to tell me the outcome of the escalation team. I am so upset that as a 19 year Verizon customer, I would be treated this way. I was basically called a liar by a supervisor who said that no one promised me that the offers would stack. At no time did anyone say that the problem was the change in phone number. Just fix the promotion that I was promised. I have filed with BBB as deceptive practices and fraud. The lines are still active, there should be no problem.

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Re: BOGO scam

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Getting new phones should always be a fun experience. I am saddened to learn what you have gone through with these promotions. We definitely want to help ensure everything has been fully reviewed. What was the day you purchased these devices? Did you add 1 new line of service and upgrade the 2nd? Did you keep the same device on the line that you changed the number on? Did you change the number to a new number or an existing one?


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