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BBB File Entered: Being Charged for Returned Edge Phones


I upgraded three of the phones on my account that were edge phones. Two of them were upgraded and the original phones were sent back using the provided packaging and return labels 2 months ago. The other one was returned a month ago. They have arrived at the provided locations per the tracking numbers but haven't been "Checked into the Warehouse" according to the multiple associates. I have contacted Verizon several times about this and keep getting the run around "Don't worry... we will get to them". In the meantime, my bill with the non-return fees is due in a week. I've been a loyal customer since 2011 and have added 3 lines since I have started business with Verizon. My opinion on this is that I should suck it up, call it a loss, pay off everything and leave. I have been overpaying for this service for way too long. Has anyone successfully had them magically "find" their phones?

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