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Autopay Didn't Work


I recently signed with Verizon at the end of April (2017). I wasn't billed until the end of May; okay, no problem, I already set Autopay up. I get a text two days after the due date saying that it didn't go through. So I'm thinking maybe I typed in a wrong number for my credit card and decided to set it up through my bank. I got a message saying thank you for your payment and it told me my next balance due that was similar to my first.

The next week, I get a text saying it never went through! Now I'm no longer aloud to pay online and must go to a store and pay cash for my bill monthly until November!! What is this??? I go to the store and she puts me on the phone with a customer service agent and the lady is so rude, acting like I don't have the money to pay my bill. She tells me that my bank declined the transaction.. Hello? VERIZON rejected my credit card AND my banking info! I have zero issues with Autopay for all of my other accounts and use my cards on the daily. This is a first for me.

I am not happy with Verizon and I've only been with them for less than two months..

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