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At wit's end...


Back in february when the unlimited data plan rolled out, i decided to enroll and get four lines.

I first attempted to do this online, and the order seemingly went through. I then received an email from Verizon saying that there had been a payment failure, I checked my card and it was because the cc suspected fraudulent activity for the charge.

I tried again using a credit card that I used more frequently, this time calling verizon so that if payment failed I could be informed right away. According to the CSR, the order went through and payment was successful, A  few hours later however,  I again received an email from verizon stating that the payment method failed for this transaction.

I contacted the credit card company and told them that the charge was legit and to let it go through, and they told me that I would have to contact Verizon and have them run the charge again.

So once again, I called verizon and explained the situation. The CSR told me I would have to put in the order once again from the beginning. I asked him several times to make sure that this wouldn't result in double accounts and that the other account was definitely cancelled, and he assured me that it was and that there would only be the one account he was setting up with me. The order finally goes through.

Move forward a couple of weeks, I've got the four phones and phonelines and the account set up. I'm in the middle of a large project for work so I've had many deliveries and boxes containing components for the project sitting around my desk. As I begin opening them to get started on phase two of the project, I find buried amongst the boxes another box of verizon phones. They had a completely separate order number and account number and phone numbers (note:I had paid for the phones in full upfront when setting up the account).

I check my credit card, and sure enough, I have been charged twice, for some reason slightly different amounts.

I call verizon. For five hours I am on the phone with them, trying to get the charges reversed and a return authorization for the extra phones. They insist that there should be return labels in the box (there were not)  and then they tell me to bring them to a store. That day was the last day of the 14 day return period and I was unable to leave work and travel to the nearest store.  I was trying to either get mailing labels or an extension of the return period so I would not be charged for the phones. I had to escalate and explain the entire situation once more and spend another hour on the phone until I was assured repeatedly (because once again,  I asked repeatedly, Previous experiences of being told by Verizon CSRs that they would make sure something happened taught me that being assured that something will happen does not mean that thing will actually happen) that the return labels were being snail mailed to me and that even though it would be outside the 14 day return period, I would get refunded the full amount for the additional phones.

I checked my mail daily for a week and no return labels arrive. I called Verizon once again to follow up, and the customer service rep I spoke to says there is no record of the previous events on this account.

Being unable and unwilling to spend another five hours on the phone trying to straighten this out, I did a chargeback on my credit card. This was an order that I was told was cancelled by the Verizon CSR, it should not have existed, I should not have been shipped the phones, and I definitely should not have been billed after being told the account was cancelled. I also assumed that a chargeback would get action from Verizon and that they would contact me regarding the account and i would finally be able to return the phones.

I was wrong. Instead, they just went ahead and billed my active account for the four useless phones.

I had previously been a verizon customer for many years, and because of these exact types of CS issues, I left. With the unlimited plan I figured I would give them a try again, but I see that they have the same horrible CS and lack of accountability. 

At this point, unless there is a very easy fix for this, I am dropping Verizon forever and I will not pay this charge that I made multiple attempts to try to resolve.

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone here have some kind of magic trick that could resolve this issue?


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Re: At wit's end...

Asistencia al cliente

Oh my goodness, FRANNIETHEGR. I truly appreciate all the time and effort you have put into getting these account mix ups resolved and I don't want to see you give up. I have sent you a Private Message here in the forum. Ingresa a para continuar.


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