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Appauled, prepaid plan change


I just got off the phone with your customer service team. I had noticed I needed more data, so I decided to do a plan change online through "My Account" I switched from an old play $50 unlimited talk text and 1gb data that does not offer increases in data.  I clicked the standard plan and added the 3gb Data Bridge pack.  Clicked confirm and all of a sudden my data did not work, my phone worked though. I went to look at my detailed usage and all of a sudden I was getting charged $.25 a minute.  I had added $20 after the plan change in case it needed to cover that Data Bridge since I just started a new month. Ive had this phone for a while now.  So I immediately contacted customer service (I hope you record and monitor your phone representatives)  and asked him what was going on, I was tole "cause i changed my plan" which does not help.  I asked him what needs to be done, he said he needed to put in a credit request.  I then asked him if that would get my phone back to normal usage, he said no.  I asked what good is a credit on my account while I am being charged $.25 on my account every minute, I explained I need this fixed. I told him if I gotta pay something or whatever I had to do I would, this is for business, I am a field I.T. tech and it is my lifeline. I am out of state 5 out of 7 days a week. That is why I chose Verizon, great coverage. He then went back to speaking about the credit so I asked him what happened to cause this, he said cause I changed my plan I would be charged by the minute with no data until I paid the plan. I told him this is not right cause I have to pay another month when I just paid mine 2 days ago.  He wanted to continue to go on about how I made a mistake, when I told him there is nothing during this process that would cause me having to pay another $65 on top of the $50 I paid 2 days ago to add data. I told him this is getting nowhere, asked what I had to pay to get things back to normal cause there has to be a way. He said I could, but once again continued on about a credit request for the $.25 calls but I would not receive a refund or fix for having to pay $115 for a months of service paid its pre paid??? I told him lets just pay this, he told me okay but once again started to tell me I made the mistake. I asked for a supervisor but he denied, I told him just let me pay whatever balance he said that would get things working, he kept saying "but sir" and by this time I was mad to I yelled at him to let me just pay it, he said "listen to me" and I told him let me pay the thing (yelled) and he hung up on me. (This is the craziest customer service call I have ever been on, I am a professional and expect professional manor in any customer service position).  I called back after taking a few deep breaths and got a very sweet female who right off the jump knew that the system works that way and she will get me going and I asked if I could just deal with the whole refund thing later cause the last call just took it out of me, she said no problem and got me going.  Problem still lies with your customer service employee, and the fact that you charged me like that for a change without notifying me I would fortify my previous service and begin a new one when all I wanted was more data added, the change should have been processed the next month like I expected any plan change would process or it would pro-rate.  If this is how the Verizon works I will gladly change providers, I've already wasted money with you. This just doesn't seem right to me and needs to be fixed ASAP, I work 50-60 hours a week and have a family an the last thing I have time for is these things, so when I call it would be nice to have someone who wanted to be at work and not treat customers like trash. If it wasn't for your second customer service agent I spoke with I would leave in a heartbeat, funny thing is my whole company uses you that's why I started with you, I expected more figuring I pay hard earned money for a simple service, solutions and kindness.

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