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Another robo call


Last year it was anounced that VZ and others were going to stop robo calls. I'm still waiting!

And... the donnot call list doesn't work as many phone users know. Can't verywell block all the numbers as they are fake! What's VZ doing, or better yet when will there be someone who can shut them down, outlaw the software used and fine the companies who make the software without verifing legit company???


Re: Another robo call

Asistencia al cliente

I know how frustrating these calls can be, PA-WOODCHUCK. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We want to help you put an end to these calls. We recommend using our Call Filter app to screen incoming calls, block, and report any unwanted numbers. Please refer to option #1 on this link under 'General Information' for more details on this application. Does this help?