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All I wanted to do was add a line with a cheap phone..


Truly unacceptable..   

I was online attempting to add a new line with an inexpensive phone - found a Samsung that would be free if I added a new line.   Great..   Started to add it via the website and received a chat request from Verizon telling me that if I allowed them to assist, they could save my 50% on the activation fee.  Great!  They ask me what phone I want - I tell the the model and explain it's a free phone.   They process the transaction and tell me I will need to pay $16.20 today (taxes).  Okay - I'm good with that. They send me a link to a payment page - I update with my credit card info and just as I'm submitting, I realize there is a price at the top of the page that says '$196.19', not $16.20.   What???   I respond and tell her it just charged me $196.19 for a free phone.  She explains that it must be a glitch as it initially just said $16.20.  Okay - let's undo that!   Nope - this person can't help me.  I have to call customer service to get someone to help me reverse this..   Are you kidding??  

I call customer service.   I kid you not - I was on hold for over an hour..    I finally talk to someone who is trying to help me but she also does not have the ability to reverse it.   She needs to call another department.   I go back on hold..   

Eventually she is able to connect me to someone who is trying to process my 'new' order and they will cancel my old order and get me a refund.   In the meantime, they will credit me the activation fee.    I work with the new person - create a new order for a new free phone.  I pay the $16.20 in taxes.   I then explain how nerve-wracking this is since I haven't recieved anything to indicate the first order was cancelled or that I'd get a refund.   She then contacts the last agent and finds out they didn't actually process a cancel yet.   She processes the cancel and sends me a picture of the form.   She's trying to help..   I get that..  I've now been on the phone with Verizon for over 2 hours..  

Since then, I still don't get any notification of the cancellation on the first order, but I do get a notification of the credit for the activation fee.   Okay..    

Then I start getting texts telling me the second order has processed and then shipped.   And then of course - the first order has processed and now shipped.  I now have two identical phones being shipped.  My next bill shows charges for both.   Still out $196.19.   I finally called the bank.. 

Verizon - you should not allow your agents to process transactions that they don't have the ability to reverse if they do something incorrectly..   Very bad business practice!  

Absolutely ridiculous....


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