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Access Line Charge for Smartphones


I've seen a lot of posts about this specific charge, which means that the people selling you the phone and the plans are not disclosing this fee. This is fraud, plain and simple. We're paying now than we were with Sprint for 3 people on the family plan, with unlimited EVERYTHING. As soon as we can, we're changing plans, unless Verizon fixes this deceitful practice and billing. $200 for two people is too much. I'm willing to pay for the phone and the service, but let's get real, Smartphones make up 95% of the phones being used in the world. Why does Verizon feel the need to scam and overcharge their customers? Listo.

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Re: Access Line Charge for Smartphones

Líder Sénior

What plan do you have? $200 for 2 people sounds as if you are paying for more than just the service.

Even if you had Unlimited on Verizon, it would be $110 for unlimited data and 2 x $20 for the smartphone line access fees for a total of $150 + taxes/fees. Even with taxes included, it should not be $200 but probably closer to $170 or $175.

It sounds as if you ALSO are possibly lumping insurance and phone payments in with your cost of service when THAT is not actually a cost of having service. If you think your bill is too high, cut out the items which are not required for you to have service with Verizon.