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A TOTAL customer Service Debacle


Did you know that Verizon does not have a dedicated customer retention department or team?

Hoping to save some money and bring down my phone bill, I paid off my last two payments on my lousy LG phone (don't get me started on that thing) and ordered online a preowned iPhone XS in gold.  I paid for it outright.  I went with the Xs over the SX Max because I have small hands that constantly hurt and can't comfortably use a very large phone. I also wanted to be able to use the better camera for my upcoming vacation in a week.  I was passed around from one person to another for nearly 4 hours because no one person couldn't answer all my questions and address my needs.  When I finally was able to order the phone, the invoice showed that I had ordered a space grey iPhone Xs.  I stopped the rep before ending the chat, bringing attention to the error.  She said that she didn't know how that happened because she selected the gold phone.  She said that she would look into it, but she ended the chat.  I never heard anything back from her.  The time was 10PM.  I checked my order status online, and it still read that I had ordered a space grey.  The order was not cancelled, and it was processed and was being shipped.  I would have to return the phone, cancel the order and start all over again.  This conversation took another hour.  

After 5 hours of trying to get the phone I wanted, I decided that I would just deal with the space grey instead of wasting more time.  I had ordered a clear case and screen protector online already, but bought a second case planning to just cover it up if I didn't like the grey.  I opened the box when it arrived, and it contained an SILVER iPhone XS Max.  I cannot use the phone or the protective equipment I purchased.  

I was very angry at this point and began a chat with customer service again explaining the situation.  The person on the other end, "Sam", seemed very empathetic and helpful, setting up an appointment for me at the nearest Verizon store to consider options.  Sam assured me that Verizon would do what it takes to make sure I was happy with the resolution.  Sam said he/she would send a message directly to the store manager so that I wouldn't have to go over the whole story again, and he/she would make a reference to our chat.  I felt much better and more hopeful that it would be resolved.

When I arrived at the store, they had no idea I was coming; there was no appointment,  no messages, and they were completely clueless.  The general manager was unable to help and called customer service.  After about 10 minutes, he said he was unable to do anything because it was ordered online as a preowned phone.  They couldn't replace it.  I knew they didn't have preowned I stock.  I spent another 2 hours at the store talking to a customer service rep on the phone.  She was immediately rude and insinuated that it was somehow my fault.  I was told that they didn't have any preowned Xs in stock online and that when that happens, they will send a comparable replacement or the next step up.  At no point was I ever informed during the initial order that they had the right to send me a phone I didn't order in place of the one I did! The rep had no real power to do anything to compensate me for the hours of time spent dealing with this mess.  Their idea was to send the Xs Max back and get credit, and they would overnight me a new Xs and waive the shipping charges.  What I paid for the used phone would be applied to the new one.  Her idea of fixing it was to tell me that they could overnight a new phone to me and waive the overnight shipping cost of $30.  I said that this wasn't acceptable.  She finally offered a $50 bill credit to cover the cost of activation.  I had to end the conversation because of a prior commitment.  When I asked if there was someone with more authority to make this situation right, she said that she would be the one.  When questioned why, she said it was set be the computer.  When I asked who sets the policies on the computer, she had no answer.  At this time I had spent 7 hours just trying to get a phone I could afford in a timely fashion.

After looking at other carriers, who are offering better phone prices and a huge number of incentives, I began to think that I really do need to take my four lines with me and encourage my sister to do so with her five lines.  Yet, I gave it one last try.  I have an appointment tomorrow, set up by the rep I talked to tonight.  She's the one who said that Verizon does not have a customer loyalty or retention department or team.  I just shook my head and said, "That says a lot."

Is it too much to ask to get the iPhone XS 256G in Gold, new old, I don't care, for what I paid?  I guess if you're Verizon, the answer is "Yes, it is too much to ask because we don't even value your business enough to have a customer retention department."