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88 Year old Mom with no Landline for 2 Months


My 88 year old mom has had no landline for two months along with her security not working in her home.  Mid July all services went out.  We have reported this to Verizon several times.  Appointments were made to come out and fix the problem.  No one ever showed up.  No one called.

Last call made to Verizon on 09/20/18 the rep. said they were installing FIOS in her area and that she refused FIOS.  The refusal is not true because no one asked her this time.   However, she does not need or want FIOS as she stated before.  While they might be installing FIOS to a few new customers they took her service out altogether.  The technicians need to learn how to put their services in harmony with people like my Mom and there are many in her area with just a landline.  Not fair to bump my mother.

The rep. said she would have to convert to FIOS to have a landline.  I refuse to accept this answer.  My mother has a copper line.  We had problems with Verizon on several occasions a few years back.  I reached out to the community and her problem was resolved.  I am reaching again.  This is not fair to my mother.  She has been a customer since 1963.   We are supporting her with a cell phone for her welfare.

Please would someone put her copper line back and put her landline in working order.  Thank you for your help today.

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Re: 88 Year old Mom with no Landline for 2 Months

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A) this is a customer to customer forum

B) This forum is for Verizon WIRLESS discussions

C) If your mom doesn't want to have fiber( which will last longer and stop these issues you are having ) then you'll be without wired service. Copper is going away. It's 150 year old tech and as you attest it has issues. So no they are not going to put your mom's copper back it's fiber or nothing.


Re: 88 Year old Mom with no Landline for 2 Months

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In areas where FiOS is being installed, customers with copper POTs lines are migrated over to FiOS. I seem to recall that migration only happened for users with chronic line issues, but, that policy may have changed since then.

All that is changing is how service is delivered.

Verizon Core (Ma Bell) is retiring copper OSP. If someone has simple dial tone on copper, they should get simple dial tone on FiOS.

The only weak spot of FiOS is that, during power failures, the FiOS ONT is powered by a battery. Copper POTs lines are powered by the plant back in the Central Office.


Re: 88 Year old Mom with no Landline for 2 Months


Link to the Verizon Residential forums. Verizon Forums – Welcome to the Verizon Fios® Community

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.