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55+ Plan so far is False Advertising!


Last month we received a notice in the mail from Verizon informing us that in our state a Go Unlimited 55+ plan was now available for $80 for two lines.  Sounded like a good deal so I contacted Verizon.  I had to make several changes to go on the plan such as opening a new Verizon account and changing payment to come out of checking.  Unfortunately after the required changes were done, the Verizon rep was not able to place us on the 55plus plan informing me that they had to obtain a manual management approval. After two weeks I called back for status and no progress had been made.  They informed me that we would see the change to the Go Unlimited 55+ plan after my first bill was processed and that they would issue a general credit.  Checking today after payment of my first bill, we are still NOT on the 55plus plan and continue to be on an unlimited plan which totals $150 monthly. 

I noticed that Verizon's treatment of their current customers is not on the same level as how they treat their new customers who seem to get all the outstanding promotions.  I do feel that I'm somewhat responsible for this for not leaving Verizon for another carrier.  I do expect to replace our phones soon so maybe it's time to finally jump ship.  Maybe we won't receive better treatment from another carrier but we won't know this until we try.  Sad that current Verizon customers get treated so poorly.

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