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55+ Bait and Switch


Well, for starters we are 16+ year Verizon Customers. 62 and 65

We went to a local Store in Bend Oregon (A city with MANY retirees) and were told that many people in Bend had been accepted to the 55+ plan, we even spoke in the prescence of the rep at that store with VZW customer service and were assured that it would only take a "Bump" from them to get this done. (Never happened) went back few days later no one could find it in the system? tryed again, same result but now they can see it? The why is we were told we could get the BOGO if we had that unlimited 55+ plan. Phones were ordered in but plan approval never came. called to get help, was told no we cant get that for you only florida although watch your special message line on your app (6 months now no special offer) rep then did some "MATH" and said what price would it have been? all agreed $143 with new gear, she said I have special discounts and can make it $143, guess what bill was $153, now has escalated to $200?

Come on Verizon I touch a business account with 60 phones and see 500+ customers a year why would you not treat us as a most valued customer?

Were trying to stay but we have the resources to pay the plans and "Magenta" has offered $1,950 to have us move? (I have tested the coverage in the areas we visit and it is acceptable) now dont get me wrong we want to stay but are retiring soon and the 55+ is what we need for a fixed income.

PLEASE help us stay

J+N BEND Oregon