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3 of 4 rebates still not received 5 months later


I switched my family's four phones to Verizon from AT&T during Black Friday weekend promotion of 2016.  A $200 per phone rebate was part of the offer. I filled out the rebate forms on 1/3/2017.  I received one $200 rebate card about a month later. The three other rebate applications have been held up in processing.  I have gone through five cycles of calling customer service, having the rep tell me they have corrected the forms, waiting 10-15 days for "upper management approval," then hearing nothing. The dates I called are 2/1/2017, 2/3/2017, 3/20/2017, 4/8/2017, and 4/29/2017 and each call takes 45 minutes to an hour of time.  I need Verizon Customer Service help because the rebate center is not getting the job done. I can provide the Trade In IDs and Rebate Tracking Numbers to quickly resolve this issue.

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Re: 3 of 4 rebates still not received 5 months later

Community Manager
Community Manager

HOWADON,  this is certainly not how we want to start our relationship with you. Not receiving what I was promised would be of great concern to me as well. I want to make sure we get this handled by the proper avenues available. For questions or concerns with the Trade In Rebates, you would need to speak with our Rebate Team at 800-457-0864 or . Again, please accept my apologies with this situation.


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