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2gb promotion with xl and larger plan


I just changed my plan to the XXL 18GB plan because as I read it I though it would include 2gb extra for each device as we have 3 on edge.. NO you have to change plan AND upgrade phones to get it. Just another way VZW isn't taking care of current customers. FYI there were many of us who read it as upgrading to the plan was all it took to get the 2gb promotion. I am very very upset by the ways. All other carriers seem .to be taking care of their people. I thought this was something good for Verizon customers but it wasnt. Just a way to get more money out of me every month.... very upsetting.......

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Re: 2gb promotion with xl and larger plan

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I can appreciate your frustration but I had to read it over myself to gain clarity.  After doing so, I did understand that it does require and upgrade of plan and activation of new device (or upgrade).  If you only moved to this plan to take advantage of the 2GB increase then you can call back in to see if you can revert to your previous plan if it wasn't one that has since expired.  Best of luck to you...

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