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11/10/17 Voicemail Update

I got a text message this morning saying that my voicemail was changed today and that I needed to set up new voicemail. It gave a web address and I went to the website and tried to follow the instructions, but was unable. I'm supposed to go to my vm, press # to interrupt the system greeting and then follow prompts. There is no system greeting, just asks for my password as usual. If I press # during this, it just asks for my password again. My vm greeting is still there and I'm still getting messages. So, what do I do now? I don't want to lose my ability to receive messages.

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Re: 11/10/17 Voicemail Update
Asistencia al cliente

TWIST971, the last thing that we would want you to do is lose any of your voicemails. We know how important it is keep your messages safe and ensure you're able to keep receiving your voicemails going forward. Let's make sure this is taken care of.


We'd like to ask a few clarifying questions to get a better understanding of what exactly is taking place. Would you be able to provide us with additional details regarding the text message that you received and the web address that you were supposed to visit? What's the make and model of your device?


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