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connection error message


all of a sudden in the last couple days I am getting a message on me screen that I can't get a connection....doesn't say to what though, RETRY button keeps rolling back to same message, can't CANCEL either. Phone appears to have WiFi connection icon lit. No way to get past the message without doing a shut down and restart. Then it will work fine for a long while until it does it again, happens when coming out of a sleep mode. Seems like my wireless signal strengh is lower than normal too, but nothing has changed in my other wireless equipment.

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Re: connection error message



Just taking a stab in the dark, but maybe a Sim card gone bad? Take it by a corporate store and get them to swap Sim cards. Maybe that might fix things.



Re: connection error message

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If you've haven't pulled out the Sim and let it set for about 10 min. your might try that right before you head to the store then re-installed it to let it reconnect to the Network..  Be  Very  Careful  How  you  Handle the Sim especially in the Gold Area of it as it is Extremely sensitive to Touches from Fingers.. 

Doc give Good suggestion but if you want to try removing the Sim before you go to the Store that is one thing you can do Make sure also to shut down your Moto X if your decide to remove the Card.. and before re-installing it..

Good Luck Smiley Happy b33