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LG G3 - SIM card periodically is not recognized.


We have shut down the phone, removed the SIM card, re-inserted it and turned on the phone with continued periodic recognition problems. This affects receiving and making calls. We have had the phone for 18 months.

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Re: LG G3 - SIM card periodically is not recognized.

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You might try a new SIM card; they're free at your local Corporate VzW store or by contacting Customer Service.

Re: LG G3 - SIM card periodically is not recognized.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for reaching out to us about this JackAnder. I know that this can cause some headache when your SIM card is not recognized. Let's work together to see what's going on. Is the software up to date in your device? Unsure, here’s how to check: Settings>System Updates ( at the very bottom of the menu) Also have you tried a new SIM card in your phone? 

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