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Download G4 "VZW_Software_upgrade_assistant.exe" ?


Shortly after my LG G4 upgraded to build VS98624C, I was trying to text a picture to someone and the phone rebooted and now it is stuck in a boot loop.  I've tried to force the phone back to factory settings via key combinations (with the power and down volume), but no luck.

Other help sites recommend plugging the phone into a laptop and running the "VZW_Software_upgrade_assistant.exe", however while my laptop recognizes that a device is plugged in, it fails to mount the volume with "VZW_Software_upgrade_assistant.exe" on it.

Is there anywhere I can download this .exe?  I'd rather not have to resort to flashing it with KDZ stuff off of


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Re: Download G4 "VZW_Software_upgrade_assistant.exe" ?


What is the manufacture date of the phone?  Phones made in September and earlier had a hardware flaw that could result in an endless boot loop.

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