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I have a KIN 2 and I have been having an issue with the feeds, it seems as though it cant be refreshed, so my loop stays the same. I tied to turn it on and off, sign out of facebook, but when I attempted it told me i couldn't and should try back later. And when I attempted to refresh/sync my kin it wwouldnt allow me to. How do i fix thiS?!

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Re: Help Me PLEASE

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Try to erase the phone data. El proceso para borrar los datos del teléfono hará que las configuraciones vuelvan a ser las predeterminadas de fábrica, pero no se borrarán los datos del usuario ni los contactos. Follow the steps below to perform the process.


  1. Desde el InicioScreen, Swipe right.
  2. Seleccionar Configuraciones.
  3. Seleccionar Acerca de tu teléfono.
  4. Seleccionar Erase phone data.
  5. Seleccionar OK.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Help Me PLEASE


I have had to take the battery out for a few minutes before. Once i did that and powered it back on it worked fine.

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