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I tried to reply to your message VanessaS_VZW and it got returned to me as undeliverable.

REALJET1, I'm sorry you're having these issues with your MiFi shutting down. I would be just as concerned, as I know how inconvenient it is to shut down unexpectedly.

Which MiFi do you have? Still the 6620L? How often does it shut down? When did this start? Please elaborate to better assist you.



Yes I have the 6620L. It was new out of the box when I hooked it up on Fri-
day, July 3, 2020 It wanted to do an update so I did it. On July 8,2020 it 
was off and it physically had to be turned back on. It seemed to be doing 
good until July 24, 2020. I am not at the location now. My friend had to go
over and turn it back on. (I use the hotspot for my cameras on my camper in
another state). I've heard others have had the same problem. I previously 
had the 890L for over a year and it never shut off on me.