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I decided to switch to unlimited plan and get rid of cantena service through Verizon due to they wouldn't allow it on unlimited plan which makes no sense due to they allow jetpacks on them.  I know that the ip address I get from jetpack is nat however I have my camera dvr with a dns address.  Why is it I can connect to my nest controller and amazon cloud cameras just not my dvr? Can I change the dns 1&2 to my camera dns address and get it to work? This is such a pain in the rear that they wouldn't let me keep the cantena and just cap it at 15G like the jetpacks and I wouldn't have to deal with this garbage!  From what I can tell I know more then their 2nd tech support group.  The only research I could find was either switch back to cantena or get static ip.  If I switch to a static from what I can tell has to be a business account.  If I move my jetpack over to a business account will I have to get an unlimited plan for it also?