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Jetpack 6620L will not update firmware


My jetpack will not perform a firmware update.  I have 1 that is currently running v1.4 and when I force it to check for updates it says it is already up to date but I have several other jetpacks of the same model that updated to v4.5 with no problem.  

I've rebooted the jetpack several times and restored it to factory defaults but still can't update the firmware.  

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Re: Jetpack 6620L will not update firmware

Community Manager
Community Manager

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble completing a software update on your device, bj35473. We want to ensure your device has the most up to date software in it. Let's take a closer look into what's going on. I did review the current software for your specific device and found your device is up to date with 1.4. You can learn more about the update here,



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