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Can’t tell if extra 15GB was applied


Got text from Verizon saying extra 15GB on hotspot 5/1-5/31 and that I won't see it online or in app. My billing cycle resets on 19th and as of 6/10 I'm almost out of data. Customer support says the data credit ended on the 31 and I'm back to normal 15GB allowance. Keeps telling me the percents used as of 6/8. I point out those are percent of totals and not percent used from 6/1 to 6/8. She says the 15 GB boost is over. I assumed that the 15GB per month might be prorated over the whole time or that the data count would reset on the 1st. But it looks like I am going to be charged for all data used since start of billing cycle 5/19 and get no extra data at all for May. I had a college student finishing classes and if I'd known there would be no extra data for the last half of May we would have changed things up. Does anyone know of a way to check data use per day? I can only see in billing period increments. Does anyone know how Verizon calculates bonus data when it's just for part of a billing cycle?