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5510L jetpack dropped internet


My 5510L Jetpack constantly drops the internet when I'm streaming on my TV. WIFI is fine.

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Re: 5510L jetpack dropped internet

Community Manager
Community Manager

icelady25, I'm sorry to hear you've been having some trouble with the Jetpack. I'll be happy to help take a look at this with you today. To get some more information, you mentioned using the Jetpack for the TV, and it drops, are you referring to the connection or video quality when streaming? You also shared that Wi-Fi is fine, is this when you use your Jetpack as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot with other devices or do you have a separate Wi-Fi Connection for your home?



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Re: 5510L jetpack dropped internet


Dropped internet connections inside the home usually boil down to two common problems:

- Distance

- Interferance


You can minimize distance issues by placing the Jetpack as close to your local towers as you can.  That might be near a certain window on a certain side of the home on the top floor.  The range of the Jetpack's WiFi signal is very limited so you would need to look into alternatives to extend its connection to your devices.

You can minimize interferance by eliminating cross talk and obstacles between the sender and the receiver.  Line of sight is best.  Obstacles like walls, bricks, water, metal, etc will all degrade the communication.  You can also experiment with switching WiFi Channels incase your current one is too crowded with chatter from other devices.

If you find the Jetpack performs better when it is closer to the window then a Jetpack may not be the best device for your home.  VZW offers better devices that act more like a traditional modem such as the 4G LTE Home Router and USB Modem+Home Router combo devices.  Jetpacks are intended to be used on the road in short bursts and usually do not perform very well inside the home due to the limitations of its mobile technology and design.

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