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Re: Defective Pixel Phones?


 I just went into the store to get a third phone in less than three months. I do not trust or want another Pixel 3, but I have no choice. I was told I would have to pay off the phone, and by another brand outright. I could then file a warranty claim on the pixel 3 and try to get some of my money back. I did not have time to do all this as I was about to start an out of town trip, nor do I feel i should have to pay off a broken phone. In cases like this Verizon should stand by the products they sell and provide in store credit/replacement phones to the customer. They then deal with the the phone manufacturer for reimbursement. verizon can afford to have a couple grand tied up for a month or two more than I can.  I will go in every 30 -60 as needed for a new phone until i can upgrade and switch back to a Samsung.