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Moto Z3 not working with Fitbit Versa


Recently my Fitbit Versa quit getting text notifications (vibrate and showing text messages) on my Moto Z3. Initially phone calls were still coming through, but now those don't alert on my Versa either. I'm not getting any help at the Fitbit site. Apparently their stock answer is that Motorola isn't supported by Fitbit. Odd considering the Versa worked great until a couple weeks ago when they did an update. Anybody here having the same problem?

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Re: Moto Z3 not working with Fitbit Versa

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Plenty of similar complaints on the Fitbit forum after recent phone/Fitbit updates, involving various phone brands/models and Fitbit models.  Another stock Fitbit response if you contact Customer Service is for them to warranty your Fitbit or provide a discount on a new Fitbit.  Guess there's a reason they've put themselves up for sale.


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