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Google Navigate button gone after last software update


I have read that this feature was dropped by Google in its last Android software update and the little blue arrow icon went away.

No one has mentioned how much better it is than a general navigation process on the Google Map application. The previous Google Navigate function seemed to know where I was better for a search. I mean both know exactly where I am but a search for a business or town name using the general Google Map search was just as likely to suggest businesses with the same name across the country. Navigate seemed to know that I was only looking for destinations within a 100 miles. At least this is how it seemed to me. I am sad to see the little blue arrow go.

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Re: Google Navigate button gone after last software update

Líder Sénior

Jm the Blue Navigation is Gone but Navigation is built in with the New updated Google Maps) It can be returned if don't like the Latest update of Google Maps All that is needed is to Uninstall the Update and it should return) Some have said they have done the Uninstall and it Returned so if you Updated you might try Uninstalling the App see if Nav Returns ( Myself i haven't updated the App so i still have the Blue Widget..  Good Luck on what you Choose to do Smiley Happy b33