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viewing corporate e-mail in one view (including sub-folders)


I am in the process of switching from my Blackberry to a Droid Incredible and running into a challenge when viewing my corporate e-mail (Exchange).  On my Blackberry I could view all of my e-mail in a single view even though my messages were stored on many sub-folders under my Inbox.


On my initial setup of the corporate e-mail on my Incredible, I am only able to see messages that are in my Inbox.  If I want to see a message that automatically is routed to one of my sub-folders, I am forced to go to each individual folder and view it that way.


Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to see all of my messages in one view regardless of which folder it resides in?


If I can't get the same functionality that I had on my Blackberry, I am afraid the Incredible will have to be returned.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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Re: viewing corporate e-mail in one view (including sub-folders)


Unfortunately with the way you have the sub-folders automatically routed there is no other way to view them without actually going into the folder. To view them in one main inbox you will have to actually delete the sub-folders automatic routing. Hope this helps.