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a couple of questions

I have had 4 droid phones in a year and half due to defective phones!!!!

I love my droid but tired of the issues.....

How can I fix the voicemail notification? It says I have a VM and I don't. But when I do get one the notification is there but does not alert me of a new one.  I have gone through many of the steps to fix this but nothing is getting rid of the icon.  Sometimes bc of the icon it makes the LED flash which runs the battery down.

the other thing is when I am empyting the Trash folder in emails there has got to be an easier way to do this.... There should be a DELETE ALL button being that it is the TRASH folder!!!!!


Re: a couple of questions
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There is no "delete all" button.
Re: a couple of questions


Try powering the device off then removing and replacing the battery, then powering the device back on and dialing *228 send and option 1.  


If you have an old Google voice account, make sure it is not forwarded to your line, by dialing  *73 and following  the prompts.

If problems persist a factory reset may be necessary.

Warning: This will erase all data from your phone, including:

  • Your Google account
  • System and application data and settings
  • Downloaded Applications

It will not erase: Current System software and bundled applications; SD Card files, such as music or Photos

Factory Reset option 2  - Warning this will reset device back to original factory settings.

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press Power key + "x" (on the hardware keyboard) to power on the phone and bring up the recovery screen
  3. Press and hold Volume Up + Camera Key until recovery menu appears, release keys when it appears
  4. Using the Volume keys, select "Wipe data factory Reset",
  5. Press the center of 5-way navigation pad
  6. Using the Volume keys, select Yes -- delete all user data
  7. Press the center of 5-way navigation pad
  8. Using the Volume keys select Reboot system now
  9. Press the center of 5-way navigation pad