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Re: No call/text service for days!!

Yes, there is no 3g, no bars, just an x with the WiFi off and with it on no matter where I go, even if it shows 3 bars if I attempt to make a call or send a text it does not connect or it fails, turning the phone off and on doesn't work, master reset doesn't work, I have no downloaded apps, and tech support sent me a new phone and I have the same problem. It's really irritating and I can't seem to find answers, even if my phone is in global or cdma mode it does this.

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Re: No call/text service for days!!
Líder Sénior

Ahhhhhhhh...... I have heard from those who go over seas and put the phone GSM mode, comjng back to the states, there is a specific process to get the phone to work again...... I will try to find the info