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New to Droid


New Driod Incredible version 2.2 with flash. Im connecting to my desktop with the USB cable. My desktop is running win 7 pro 64bit. When I connect my Droid to the computer it opens a window to view these folders & files...

  • drv folder
  • img folder
  • auto run file
  • tlbs file
  • tl bootstrap file

What do I need to see my SD card or to see my music and pictures along with the rest of the phone's files and folders so I can add or delete as needed? Do I need a program or something? I'm a newb to the incridible...


Re: New to Droid

Líder Sénior

When you connect to yor PC, what connection type shows up on your phone? If not "Mount as disk", go to the main screen on your phone and pull don the notification bar. 


click on the line that shows your USB connection, you should see 4 option, one being, 'Charge Only' the other, 'Mount as Disk". Click on that on and you can view the drives the same way you view your PC drives.


You may want to go to via your PC and download the syncing update for the phone also