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HTC incredible lagging

I have noticed lately that my phone has been lagging from one screen to the next or after i call or text someone.  I have asked around to other Verizon customers and they stated that they are having the same issues. Is there something going on with the Verizon?

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Re: HTC incredible lagging
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Let's speed up your Incredible!  When did this problem begin?  Have you recently installed any new applications?  Let's test the device while powered up in Safe Mode http://vz.to/18Kjrjt.  Let me know if it lags while in safe mode.  Safe Mode disables all non-essential applications.  This will determine if the problem is application related.  If you cannot pin point the exact problem application, I recommend hard resetting the device http://vz.to/1d5rFrf to allow the device to start afresh.  Let me know how this works out for you.  ¡Gracias!

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