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Camera Issues..


Let me start off by saying this is now my THIRD replacement phone for my Droid Incredible 2.  I'm highly disappointed with the quality of Verizon's "Certified Replacements".  Anyway, I just got the newest replacement about a month ago, and already I am having issues with the phone.  When I bring my camera up, it will seem normal then go black and it sounds like it is focusing and come back on.  Then it goes black again, sounds like it is focusing (I can hear the actual lens clicking) then it comes back on.  It does this constantly and I am unable to take any pictures.  It is the same on camcorder mode as well.  I tried a soft reset and a factory reset, nothing brought it back.  I am also having trouble with my black bar up at the top popping up and going away about 10 times every 5 or so minutes when I am on another app or the Internet (when it would otherwise be hidden.)  My keyboard will also start doing it every once in a while, making it extremely difficult to type anything! (Both are doing the same thing as the camera, coming up then disappearing very quickly.) I have gone to the store several times now and they seem to be of no help whatsoever, which is not surprising.  I just think this being my third phone replacement of my original phone from Verizon it should work as expected, I haven't even had the phone a year yet!!!  So I am just wondering if this is an issue that is going on with anyone else, or if it is just the crappy replacement phone I was sent.

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Re: Camera Issues..

Asistencia al cliente

I have this phone and love it. I'm sorry you're having so many issues dhermes31. If you have already performed a factory reset and still have issues, we can replace the phone. If the phone is still under the one-year manufactures warranty and had no damage we can provide a certified like new phone of the same model. Our replacement phones go through a 100 point check and sometimes work like a new phone or better. We do not anticipate problems with our replacement phones. Please let us know how we can help.