How to Recognize Verizon Reps in the Community

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Do you know how to tell who is a Verizon Representative? 

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Our Community is a peer to peer online platform, which allows members to communicate with each another about all things Verizon.  We encourage helpful participation to help answer the questions of others and our Community also welcomes friendly chatter in the Off-Topic Lounge.  However, there are some questions that ordinary members just can’t answer because these questions often require additional insight from our inside sources.  This is when the Customer Service Reps from the Social Media Department will step in to assist!

However, there may be instances in which a rep will ask you to check your Buzón de entrada for their Direct Message to assist with account specific information and during this chat a rep may as you about to verify your account, which may make you hesitant and this is totally understandable.  But keep in mind, your account security is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we want to help you identify our Social Media Reps so you can rest assured that your personal information is handled with care.

Here a few tips on how to spot our Social Media Reps:    


  1. Always look out for Verizon Logo as the Customer Service Reps Avatar.
  2. Hyperlink will always say and connect you to Verizon Wireless Customer Support Profile Page:


  1. Their Community handle will always read their name plus _VZW like shown below.         

You can also follow the Customer Service Rep profile. All you have to do is type their Community handle in the Community “Search” box to access their personal page.

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I have been with VZW for the past 5 years and loving every moment. I spent 2 years working with our Social Media Team and now have the privilege to work with the Community.