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You got mail!

checkinbox.jpgCommunity forums are a great place to visit when looking for most of your wireless answers. Why? Well hundreds of customers and non-customers alike visit the Community every day to ask questions, provide answers, or to just kick back, relax, and read up on the latest news from Verizon. Although this is primarily a peer to peer Community, there are instances in which our Community Members are not able to provide answers to those who have account specific questions. Because as helpful as they are, we definitely would not expect other Community Members to help break down cost of another customer’s wireless bill, check the status of their Trade-In Credits, or to file a ticket for service issues in their coverage area.

This is when our Customer Service Reps will come to the rescue! When it comes to specific account related questions that contain information is private, the Customer Service Reps will ask you to check your Inbox for their Direct Message in order for them to assist you better.

So how do you check your Community Inbox? Well, there are a couple of ways to access all the messages from the Customer Service Reps and other Community Members that slide into your DMs. When you first signed up for the Community, you were asked to input your personal email address so we could keep you updated on any activity that you may want to be a part of. Can’t remember what email you used when signing up? No worries! You can view your current email place by visiting your Community Profile. If the email on your profile is correct, you should be receive notifications as long as your “Preferences” are set to “Yes” and “On” in order to “Receive email.” (See pictures below for a step by step view of your settings.)

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Let’s face it. We all get dozens of daily emails to our personal accounts and keeping track of them can be a pain. Therefore, if you do not wish to receive Inbox notifications via your personal email, you can still check your Inbox on the Verizon Community Page. To do so, access the Community homepage and click on the envelope icon to take you straight into your Inbox.


Or you can also click on your name (located at the top of your screen) to access your Inbox.


Once you access your Inbox, you will see all the activities that pertain to your account. It is here that you can also filter your messages to view what is most important to you.


Do you have any questions about accessing your Community Inbox? Let us know and we will be more than happy to help!

Or if you would like to reset the email you have linked to your account, comment below and we will send you a private message!

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