Helping the Community: The Art of Tagging

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I wanted to inform you of a feature designed to help all members use the Community Forums more effectively – Tagging.  Tagging is the process of assigning specific keywords to one or more posts for the purposes of grouping and locating any post related to that tag.  Similar to a Google search, tagged messages are easier to locate when using the Search functionality, as well as makes it easy to view all relevant posts simply by clicking on the tag itself. 

Tagging provides the community with the following benefits:

  • Makes it much easier for other members to locate frequently asked and answered threads. 
  • Somewhat alleviates the need for members to perform searches for specific questions
  • For those members that do search, promotes the most relevant Tagged items to the top of the list – making search more useable.
  • Member tagging metrics will be a component of future ranking criteria.

As community members apply tags to messages, those posts are automatically indexed and added the most popular tags for that Board and for the community as a whole.  Clicking on a tag named “Motorola” will retrieve all posts with that tag – regardless of the category the post was originally created.

How to Apply Tags

Once you have finished typing your post – whether it’s a new Thread or replying to a post;
  1. Click the “Add Tag” buttontagging.gif
  2. In the resulting text box, enter one or more tags; 2-3 tags for a single post is sufficient.
  3. Click the “Add” button to add the tags to the message.  If you make a mistake, click the arrow to the right of the tag to Delete it and add another.


Tips on Applying Tags

  • Make them Relevant – If a subject matter of a post is “…sending text and pix message from [Device]” – appropriate tags may be “Text PIX DeviceName”.  No need to tag conjunctions or non-relevant words – like “sending, how, etc.”
  • Separate by Spaces – Separate each tag by a space.  “My Verizon” and “MyVerizon” are both acceptable – though it is not necessary to add them both to a single post.
  • Single Post is Fine - If there is a thread with 6 replies, it is not necessary to tag every single post – only tag the post that’s relevant – generally the first post or the Accepted Solution.
  • Keep it Clean – Enough said!

As always, let us know if you have any questions.