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The holiday season has officially begun and that means time is going to fly by and 2019 will be here before you know it. That's why we wanted to give a big thanks to all the users of the Verizon Community. We have new changes coming in the New Year for the Verizon Community and Verizon as a whole. We can't wait to share more when it's time.


However we wanted to remind you that this holiday season is a season to be thankful and grateful for the little things. Here are a few ways you can practice gratitude in your everyday lives.


1. Make a note or email.

Sometimes we don't always have time to thank others, but keeping the gratitude flowing is a great to connect or re-connect with people. Take a moment and send a short email thanking a coworker for their presentation or a note to a neighbor who helped rake your leaves.


2. Take a walk where the wild things grow.

There is just something about being in nature that helps you clear the slate and focus on the important things. Grab a buddy, take a walk, and enjoy the scenery.


3. Take a tech break and be present.

We get it, it's Verizon the largest tech communications service provider, how could we tell you to take a tech break?!

We just recommend that it's good to take a break from the tech and be present. By being present you are able to focus on the now and engage with your peers or family, especially on Thanksgiving. So set some time aside by not using technology and go make some memories.  


4. Don’t take anything for granted.

This is easier said than done, because most times we become so involved with the bigger picture we forget that the little things make it. But by remembering to be grateful for whatever it is you have or the life you live then you can appreciate it more.


5. Keep the practice going.

Just because it’s Thanksgiving and the holiday season doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be grateful; keep it going into the New Year by continuously being thankful and showing gratitude in your everyday life.


Let us know what you’re thankful for in the comments below.


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