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Your Verizon Community Team

Community Manager
Community Manager


Your Verizon Community Team

Verizon is proud to provide a peer to peer community that enables users to share thoughts and ideas together. The Community also provides a place for members to search for information and discuss other topics of interest. 

Looking to meet other Community members?  Introduce yourself!

Get to know the awesome people that make it happen:



Lauren Dixon
Community Program Manager, Strategy

Lauren is:
Spunky and loud

Lauren loves:
Traveling, shopping and taking silly selfies with her daughter

Lauren's top apps are:
Amazon, Venmo and Sprout Baby

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Dan Wilets
Community Manager, Special Projects

Dan is:
Easygoing and adventurous

Dan loves:
Epic jam sessions, the New York Mets and solving Rubik's Cubes


Dan's top apps are:
Spotify, At Bat and Relisten


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Tiffany Nagy
Community Content Editor

Tiffany is:
Passionate and curious

Tiffany loves:
Reading, photography, and exploring

Tiffany's top apps are:
Instagram, Spotify, and Waze

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John Sawchuk

John Sawchuk
Analytics Specialist

John  is:
Sporty and creative

John loves:
Bowling, hiking and casually diving with sharks

John's top apps are:
Map My Hike, SmartThings, and NASA

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