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Rank Up and Earn Rewards!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We hope you're enjoying all that our new Community experience has to offer! Our migration to an all new Community platform included an overhaul of our ranking system. New members will be assigned the rank of "Member" and can climb all the way to our 7th rank, "Expert," Check our the new list of ranks below, in ascending order:

  • Miembro
  • Novice
  • Sr. Member
  • Leader
  • Líder Sénior
  • Uso de energía
  • Expert

The best part is that you don't have to jump through any hoops - just rank up by returning to the Community, posting helpful content, and using the Community as you normally would, so our heaviest users will ascend through the ranks the fastest. In the past, ranks were assigned through a points system - now, there will be many actions taken into consideration:

  • Liking content
  • Receiving likes on your content
  • Length of time as a Community member
  • Number of posts
  • Number of posts marked as “Correct Answers”
  • Tagging content

As we continue to roll out the features of our new platform, members at higher ranks will be granted new permissions that will enhance their Community experience. We will also take members' rankings into consideration when we select new users for our superuser program!

Thank you so much for participating and we look forward to see you all rank up!