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Rebate scam


When we joined Verizon we qualified for two rebates for each line (2 total) the switcher and the byod. Not only did the Verizon sales person in the store help us with that, a supervisor helped us as well walk us through it because she also said we were eligible for it. There were an issue with the rebates due to the sales rep in store giving us the incorrect rebate code. Upon speaking to Verizon's rebate team and sales department over the phone they ended up not being able to correct the rebate code and upon researching with a supervisor they did in fact say we were eligible for both rebates totaling $600 all together . They went ahead and applied a credit to our accounts bill for October in the amount of $300 instead of getting it through a gift card, so that we could use it on our bill as planned anyways. They went ahead and told me that the supervisor was applying the second rebate byod 150$ per line totalling $300 would be applied automatically to November's bill and I was told it was already approved and if there were any issues to call Verizon and they would have it in the notes for easy access for November. I contacted Verizon today through chat on 11/13/2020 being the credit was in fact not on our bill and our bill was showing a balance of $227. But we did end up discovering that we received one rebate through email for 150$ covering one line. But was still missing the other eligible line rebate of $150. I contacted the representative and told her everything through chat only for her to not help and say that the store wasn't a participating location although that makes no sense as we were already told it was. And both lines were eligible. So I'm writing the better business bureau as I'm tired of dealing with Verizon giving me incorrect information and being told different things and being lied to. We deserve the rebates we were promised to get and told numerous times we would receive it.