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wierd icon on text msg screen
ok, what is the icon on my text msg screen?  it's the third from the left on the top of the screen.  it is a black circle with a downward and toward the left arrow.  it wasn't there the other day, and now it won't go away.  also, how can you toggle the recieved texts between the 1 and 2 line option?  I appreciate any help on this matter.  ¡Gracias! 
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Re: wierd icon on text msg screen

If I am not mistaken, that is for Blackberry App Store application.  It is trying to tell you there is an available upgrade. 



Re: wierd icon on text msg screen

The Icon is actually letting you know that there are unread Blackberry Appworld Application Update Notification Messages in your inbox. When an update to your one or more of your Blackberry apps is available, a message letting you know is sent to your Blackberry. Until those messages are read the Icon remains on your Blackberry, even if you apply the updates to the Apps. To get rid of the Icon, Go to the main "messages" Icon on your Blackberry and scroll back through your emails and  messages until you find one of the "Update Available" notification messages that was sent to your Blackberry. Open it, then delete it and the Icon on your Blackberry will disappear. If you have multiple unread messages continue to find and delete these messages until the Icon disappears.