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buzón de voz visual

The verizon store tech had my storm 9530 all day Sunday. He could not get VVM to work. When you open VVM it says on the screen" Your mailbox is not set up for visual voice mail.Do you want to start the provisional  process?" we click on yes and then it says"your profile is being updated. Please wait 5 minutes before launching your visual voice mail............." So he called verizon and had them open a work order ticket. Of course I have heard nothing. Has anyone been aware of this and have any advice?? My OS is and VVM is 1.19.6
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Re: visual voice mail

I had the same problem aIso with VVM.  I ended up backing everything up, wiping the hadheld clean, installing VVM and setting it up and then restoring everything.  It's something with a 3rd party app that is causing the problems.  Since I've done that, I've had no problems.  I'm running  Make sure you set up VVM BEFORE restoring everything.
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