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verzion survey for a free gift

I just completed and stopped prior to card number being entered? The version asked and I finally agreed to do one after 20 years with them. GUESS WHAT:

They said if I completed the survey I would get a free gift and last page wanted my card number for 2.98 and if I did not cancel in 30 days the would me more of the 2.98 stuff and charge me 87.00 dollars? what a scam they know you will forget to cancel and then pay for a year or two till you discover and what a cheap company to using this type of entrapment type free gifts for my HONEST survey

Will cancel in the morning and never use these cheap bastards again what a sneaky phone company they want your last penny after the hi charges they bill us monthly

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Re: verzion survey for a free gift
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Did it ever occur that it might not have been an actual Verizon survey. It might have been a survey from some scam artist.

Re: verzion survey for a free gift
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I would certainly watch your credit card transactions closely in case the survey was not Verizon. Would even consider having a new card sent out with a different number.Smiley Happy