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not happy with my storm want to cancel contract


I am totally not happy with my storm i have only had it two months biggest issue is its to slow

as far as the data I can not use it anywhere but out side its worthless to me.

my question is if I cancel my contract with VRZ  at what cost $

I bought the phone from a none VRZ store why do I do with the phone .

thanks for any info.



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Re: not happy with my storm want to cancel contract


If you started your service contract with Verizon when you got the Storm (same two month ago scenario) you would owe around $165 for the Early Termination Fee.  Verizon prorates $5 per month off of the standard $175 ETF, so if your contract started before you got the Storm it may be less.  Most likely the best option is to try to sell the Storm on E-Bay or other to recover some of your costs; since it is past the 30 day return window the option of returning the phone no longer exists.


Seems that you are unhappy with the phone and Verizon service, have you contacted Verizon customer service as to the poor coverage or tried *228 to update the phone for the tower coverage near your home location?  Paying a ETF plus losing the value of the phone together is a costly option.  I would see if I could correct any service issues and then address my dislike for the Storm.  Of course if you have done all you can to correct the service issues and need to leave make sure you check the coverage of other carriers at your home location,  all have coverage maps on thier web sites.

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Re: not happy with my storm want to cancel contract

Did you already get the latest firmware download? It immensely improves many of the Storm's problems with slow data access/locking up. Also, you could try doing a transfer of service to someone who you know wants a Storm/Verizon contract. Not sure how much the fee is on Verizon, I work for AT&T and I know that AT&T's ToS fee is $18. Basically, whoever you sell the Storm & it's contract to will take over financial responsibility for the contract and it would be out of your hands forever, and with the Storm being one of the coolest phones on Verizon's network (in my opinion of course) you shouldn't have too much trouble selling it on Craigslist or to a friend.
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