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blackberry w/o paying the extra fee?


Hey everyone,

I really want a blackberry but i dont want it for the internet, i want it for the calandar and the orginazion features of it and i like its setup more than the other smartphones so i was wondering if i bought a blackberry off like ebay if when i activated it i would NOT have to upgrade my plan to pay for it. let me know if you have any information on this! thanks for your time!

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Re: blackberry w/o paying the extra fee?

The data package is required now for all blackberry/PDA devices and the activation system won't allow the phone to be activated until that particular feature is added. If I were you I would go with something like the LG Versa or LG Dare because these phones will allow you to do all the things you want without the need for the data package. Good luck.
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