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Wireless on 9650 - What is the big deal?


Wireless was sold to me as a great addition.

My iPhone pals raved about it - CNET said it should be mandatory.

The impression was that the phone would automatically connect to Wifi whenever it was available.


My very simple question was always "what about security?"

Since 99% of wireless networks require a log in.

This was never really answered.


Here is the answer - it is far from simple to use Wifi on the 9650 and it certainly isn't seamless.


Even connecting to my home network took quite a while.

If you are anything like me, you set up your wireless router a year or two ago and completely forgot everything about it.


I am not a total technology idiot - but I found the directions for wireless to be confusing.

I needed to go to my Belkin (router) website (an IP address/URL) and find the PKN - which was a phrase that I chose whenever the router was set up.

Luckily there was an "obscure PKN" button that I unchecked and it showed the phrase. Typed that into the phone and connected.


So now I have access to my home wireless.


How this is supposed to work in airports, coffee shops, etc., I do not understand.

It seems that even if the network is available, the phone will not connect on its own.

You will need to prompt it.


The value of spending all this time to get faster internet on a handset escapes me.


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Re: Wireless on 9650 - What is the big deal?


I have used the wireless many times in places where it is offered. I was in my doctor's waiting room and checked for wireless just for the fun of it and found that it was offered and connected seamlessly. What I've found was the biggest problem I have had with the 9550 was me! The more I use it, the more I understand it. Keep playing with it and it becomes easier.

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Re: Wireless on 9650 - What is the big deal?


How did you connect?

Did you scan for networks or manually add?

Did you need to get a password?


I had turned of the security on our home router and still could not connect.


But there is a very good chance that I was doing something wrong.

An extremely good chance.

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Re: Wireless on 9650 - What is the big deal?


I went from an IPhone to a 9650 because of the coverage issue.  With an unlimited data plan, it seemed odd to have Wifi on Verizon phones.  The answer I got is that it is supposed to be faster.  IPhones had limited data plans, so I could save my data usage with the Wifi.  At home I have a secured wifi network so I feel safe using the Wifi here.  I don't feel that way when I leave my home.  Security issues are a factor when using a Wifi.

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