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Re: When will BB Priv get Marshmallow????????



Thanks for pointing that out. It's very reassuring, if it proves correct. But the letter you pointed to on Crackberry mentions a November security update. It's not specifically about Marshmallow.

In the FCC letter you received, can you please confirm for us that it speaks of Marshmallow in the same light, with an early November release?

That would be great. (There will still be the question about whether -- and how promptly -- VZ will continue to release security updates for Marshmallow going forward, but it's at least a start.)

Bottom-line lesson: Next time, buy my device from the manufacturer directly and use a GSM carrier.

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Re: When will BB Priv get Marshmallow????????


As I mentioned before, the response is typical Verizon-speak.  They never provide a concise response to a specific question when responding to the FCC.  From this, you can't tell whether they are addressing MM, mean this November, and so on.  However, after July, the BB patches were against the MM codebase.  So, unless Verizon stops at the July patches, they would have to pick and choose patches from each of the BB monthly patch packages and test them individually.

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Re: When will BB Priv get Marshmallow????????

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Roll-out begins:

PRIV by BlackBerry Software Update | Verizon Wireless

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Re: When will BB Priv get Marshmallow????????


Autoloader from BlackBerry for AAH376 Marshmallow Verizon specific.

Downloads immediately, so do NOT click link unless you want to download.

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